Friday, 1 February 2013

Tutorial Marquee Title Sidebar

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo ! Dah Rasa minat korea wakaka but i'm doesn't know my bias
want you suggest please hmmp alright , back to the tutor ,, *PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY OWN TUTOR  . You can Comment me for my own code -.- okay ? will be trying right okay i'm suggest you 
for your comment places please use a pop up window is usually so simple -.- and i'm tell you i doesn't like 
to comment use a comment platform err -.- okay done . MOOD : :face73: !

yang macam mana eh ? okay ke sini eh for live preview and look at the sidebar 

Simple Marquee Title Sidebar

(click untuk membesar dengan sihat . insha allah)
  • Dashbaord and then go to Template
  • enter F3 Search ' your sidebar title ' exmp like me : intro? okay
  • and then you please delete ' your sidebar title ' and replace with the code below
<marquee bgcolor="#FFFFFF" direction="left" >Replace your sidebar title</marquee>
   EXTRA- Merah : replace title kat sidebar korang . 
- HIJAU : can changes direction (up,down,left,right)
Turqoise : Replace icon

Icon Marquee Title sidebar 

<marquee bgcolor="#FFFFFF" direction="left" ><img src="" /> Replace your sidebar title</marquee>
  • try preview ! if tak ada error ,awak berjaya ! wakaka bangga , k lah comment Wajib ! untuk saya tahu okay? thanksGyou !

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